About Sephian Services Whether you need help with school courses, standardized tests, or writing college essays, Sephian can help. We specialize in academic tutoring for additional help outside of school and college preparation such as studying for SAT/ACT and writing college essays.

For those interested in our services but are financially struggling, there are discount opportunities available based on student's financial needs. For more information, please see the page on pricing.



Minimum Scheduling Requirement Each student must schedule a minimum of four hours of tutoring per week for four weeks (16 hours per month). Payment must be paid in full before the first tutoring session.



Sephian ServicesMath Help & College Prep

SAT: Reading, Writing & Math SAT is the most common standardized test for college admissions in the U.S. It is comprised of three sections (math, criticial reading, and writing) and its score can range between 600 and 2400. It is designed to test the fundamental understanding of mathematics, English grammar, and reading comprehension--although, many find the vocabularies presented in the SAT arcane. Most, if not all, colleges base their admission decisions on students' SAT scores when viewing applications and hence it is essential that students maximize their SAT scores.

SAT II Subject Test SAT II, unlike the regular SAT, is a subject-specific exam and is also known as SAT Subject Test. The highest score on SAT II subject test is 800 and the test subject includes biology, chemistry, literature, U.S. history, world history, math (level 1 & 2), and many languages. Prestigious colleges require their applicants to include SAT II scores. Unfortunately, at this time, Sephian Tutoring Services is unable to provide tutoring services in subjects other than Math (both Level I and II) and Physics.



Selected School Subjects Sephian Tutoring Services offer private and group tutorings for the following subjects: basic arithmetic, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, and mechanical physics.

College Essay Writing Many students find writing college essays a daunting task. "Which topic should I choose and what should I write about?" "What should the format be" "Do I need a conclusion" Most prestigious colleges require their applicants to write essays for the Common Application but also supplemental essays. If a student is applying to multiple schools, he may need to write well over several essays (or variations of essays, at least). Sephian's college essay writing service helps students by bringing out their best genuine qualities into their writings. We work from the beginning to the end until the quality is met. Not only students will be left with well polished essays but the process will be an enjoyable, made-esay experience.